Consumer / B2B:

Inter-View Partners offers all clients extensive feedback regarding target profiles and establishes the team that has the best experience and profile for completing each project.

Depending on your interests, we coordinate the instruments and facilities, which are needed for each field of research – both for national and international projects.  

We help you to choose the right locations, as well as branch-specific well-trained moderators. You benefit from our ability to cover a diversity of industry sectors and from our international network.


Key Markets:

  • Services & durables
  • FMCG's
  • Foods and beverages
  • Sport, leisure and fashion
  • Consumer electronics
  • Retail and mail order
  • Media
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • E-Business & IT:
    • Corporate website evaluation
    • Website usability research
    • App usability research
    • Onsite surveys
  • B2B
    • Packaging
    • Contracting/Construction
    • Devices and installations

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