About us:

Inter-View Partners (IVP) is an independent group of fieldwork providers, specialized in high quality and explorative field research.

Qualitative to Quantitative
IVP combines expertise from two worlds - purely local, qualitative exploration (e.g. ethnography; in-depth interviews) and global, quantitative fieldwork (e.g. online; CATI; CAPI). From a single source.

Survey Network
Our long lasting connections to well-respected and nationwide studio and survey facilities allow us to use all appropriate instruments in the field of focus groups and in-depth-interviews. All common recording or transmission technologies are available on clients' request. Our long-standing network allows us to reach out to specialists in all fields, offering you access to all methodologies, both home and abroad.

Service Mission
We excel through reliable service, responsive action and regional expertise. We flex to meet your needs and adapt to new demands. We recommend the best methodology for your research objectives and don't aspire to push standardisation but to pull variety.

Your one-stop shop
From our nine offices, we operate worldwide. Your local contact can coordinate international fieldwork projects for you and deliver results and reports from a single source.

Inter-View Partners GmbH

Rueckersdorf/Nuremberg Germany
Phone: +49 (0)911 2398349-0
E-Mail: info@interviewpartners.com