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Inter-View Partners Brazil
Rua Barão do Triunfo, 88, Conj. 115
04602-000 São Paulo (SP)

Tel: +55 11 2925 6402
Fax: +55 11 2925 6403

As part of the international fieldwork network, IVP Brazil offers clients the advantage of a well-established fieldwork department that can not only efficiently conduct research projects in Brazil, but additionally help our clients adapt their research to the market realities of our culture and infrastructure, and instruct them on the many intricacies of this powerful emerging market.

Our team offers skilled recruiters, translators, moderators and interviewers, who are carefully selected based upon their skills and expertise so as to compliment and add value to the project at hand. English speaking project executives manage all aspects of the logistics, allowing our clients to invest their time on the details and objectives of the project.

Contact our team today and see why many international agencies and consultancies depend on our expertise to fully understand and successfully complete research in Brazil.

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